ARMAGLAZE ~ long life architectural coating
from ACTEL, coatings for global problems
Brooklyn Public Library, New York
  • 20+year service life
  • Resists fade and colour drift in sunlight
  • High lux levels easily maintained in tunnels and light restricted areas
  • Easily cleaned
  • Mould resistant
  • Class "O" on mineral surfaces
  • Saves labour and materials cost of periodic repainting over 20 years
  • Long life hygiene coating
  • Chemical resistant floor coating

Aberuchill Castle, painting in progress with ARMAGLAZE

  • Prestigious building projects
  • Subways and road tunnels
  • Food and drink processing industries
  • Abattoirs and other hygiene applications
  • Dairy buildings
  • Low cost, long term maintenance of difficult to paint assets
  • Anti-vandal, anti-graffiti application


Aberuchill Castle, Scotland after renovation and painting with Armaglaze



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