Anti-graffiti products, building facade and block paving sealers

"Making the Difference"in the built environment
with award winning, street wise  products

Blue = Water based   Red  = Solvent / oil based
ARMAGLAZE permanent anti graffiti coating more info
Long life architectural coating, up to 20 years, for commercial
buildings, sports stadia, industrial and hygiene applications.
Permanent, easy clean anti-graffiti coating in wide colour range
for communal areas and public amenities. Remove graffiti with
solvent wash or wipes. u.v. resistant   

FACAIDE~525  more info
Protects concrete from carbonation for 10 years. Greatly reduces
ingress of water,  reduces frost/thaw damage yet allows building
to breathe. Invisible and has good anti-graffiti properties on
porous wall surfaces.
Water based Block Paving Sealers. Protect concrete and stone  floors, mono block
paving etc. from oil stains and water/frost damage. Easy removal of
chewing gum. Allows surfaces to breathe. 10 years protection


CRETA-SEAL   more info
Water repellent coating for concrete structures to protect against
water/frost damage and carbonation.  Allows surfaces to breathe.
10 years protection

ENVIROGUARD sacrificial anti graffiti coating more info
Award winning, invisible water borne sacrificial coating. Protects
all porous building surfaces from graffiti and environmental damage. Low cost
maintenance and application. 5 to 7 years service life. Allows treated surfaces
to breathe. Used exclusively on the boundary walls and hard landscaped civic
areas of the Scottish Parliament building, Holyrood,  Edinburgh

Scottish Parliament Building, Holyrood, Edinburgh

ENVIROGUARD  FLYAWAY anti poster coating more info
prevents unauthorised bill posters sticking to hoardings,
cable boxes, bridge piers etc. Posters lose adhesion with normal weathering and poster removal is still greatly facilitated by Flyaway.
ENVIROGUARD CGR anti chewing gum coating  more info
Stops chewing gum adhering strongly to paved areas.
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